Frequently Asked Questions

Can we do night dives?

Yes, night dives are possible.

If I were to become a certified diver while onboard Ritrella, what would be the procedure?

You can follow the e-course onboard, if you can let us know we can send you the digital material while you are at home and you can learn the theory before you come to the boat so when you are onboard you have less time in the class room and more time in the water.

How long does it take to become a certified diver?

We have a 2 day Scuba Diver course which will help you become a scuba diver. The next step would be to do the Open Water Certification. You have to add another 2 days for this certification.
The Scuba Diver Course is always conducted under the supervision of a dive professional and the maximum depth is 12 meters. With an Open Water Diver Course you can dive with a buddy that is qualified at an equalent level or has a higher certification in the same conditions you are trained in.

Is there any specific concern I should be aware of before I go diving?

Ritrella is a big yacht but you may still feel motion sickness. If you are prone to motion sickness, please make sure you take the proper precaution. Magnetic bracelets have been effective. Do note that some medication can interfere with diving. It is important to get medical advice before you take any medication.

Do I need to get a medical done before diving?

It is advisable to have a medical check up done before you learn diving. This is to ensure that any existing pre conditions can be found beforehand and you will not be dissapointed. For certified divers, it is advisible that you do a medical every 2 years just o ensure there is no contra indication for diving.

Do I have to bring any gear of my own?

If you have any gear of your own that fits you well and you are used to, it is advisible to bring it.

How long does it take to get a professional certification?

To become a professional diver, it will take a minimum of six months. These six months are necessary to train, study and gain the appropriate knowledge and experience.